10 Ways to Get High Quality Backlinks In 2018.

So you already know that backlinks was one of the top ranking factors which Google considered in 2017 for your website.Yes this continues to 2018 as well. Building High Quality backlinks remains one of the top ranking factors in Google Ranking 2018.

Do you know the Link Building Strategies to build those backlinks?

Let us show you that:

1. Content which has at least 2000+ Words

First thing you should have to get  high quality backlinks is your Content. No one wants to link to a site which has no content gone are the days you could get quality backlinks with a short blog post or article. In 2018 everyone likes to link to a content which is specific to a Niche and is super thorough about that topic.yes content with more words and is super thorough ranks higher in search engines and helps you to build quality backlinks.

As study held by Brian from Backlinko found that the top 10 results for most keywords had a post/article  containing more than 2000 words:

high quality backlinks

Tip: Do not forget to add images and multimedia in your content. If you are using wordpress to publish your content make sure that you make it SEO friendly. Yoast SEO is the best plugin to help you automate the process

You have quality content now what?

Link Building Strategies and 10 High Quality Backlinks Sites to get (Free Backlinks)

Way back in 90’s there was a time getting tons of backlinks can get you to #1 of google but that does not work like that now.In 2018 you should be focusing on the quality of backlinks from relevant sites. Relevancy + Authority = High Ranking If you are building links mannualy keep this in mind.

2. Link Building Strategies (Which Backlink Panda Uses).

We use the same link building strategy as Neil Patel mentioned in one of his blog posts. We have added a few extra high quality backlink sources and methods which helps you to rank faster in a natural Whitehat way..


Tier1 backlinks

These are sites which directly links to your website

1. Create 5 Web 2.0 accounts in any sites like Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, etc(Free sites are given bellow)
2. Submit your site to 5 Bussiness Citations Sites
3. Submit 5 Articles to top article sites.
4. Create profiles for your business in all social media site(Facebook,Google + etc)
5. Submit your website to website review sites.
6. Create tier 2 backlinks to your previously created tier1 links(Use Forums, Blog Comments).
Tip: Avoid anchor text over-optimization use LSI keywords or brand keywords
7. Pass social signals(social media likes, shares, tweets) to tier 1 links which helps increasing the strength, juice, and potential of your links which eventually passes to your website.

Link Building  Factors.

Authority of the Site.

Getting 10 links from high authority sites is better than 1000 spammy links from low authority sites. eg a link from backlinko.com has bigger impact than a link from backlinkpanda.com as of today in future we may update this kidding. Check the authority of site before building links which helps in passing the DA to your site.


Check Domain Authoriy using Moz Open Site Explorer.

Site Relevancy.

Before getting backlinks you will have to figure out if both sites are in a related Niche. According to Google the backlinks which are not related to your site does not count they say “relevance is the new PageRank”.
Eg. A link from backlinko.com has more value to backlinkpanda.com than a backlink from samsung.com because both backlinko.com and backlinkpanda.com is related to SEO and Content Marketing. So focus on getting high quality backlinks from websites related to your site

Anchor Text

Early ages of search engines stuffing anchor text with the target keywords and building tons of backlinks helped to rank in top pages. But that does not work anymore, there is a greater chance that you gets penalized  by Google and other search engines. Google is updating the ranking algorithms day by day to deliver best search experience to the user. So keeping thinks just for google bot doesn’t work in 2018.

How Link Building works in 2018?

Getting links from relevant related sources is as important as using proper Anchor Texts. Building tons of backlinks with exact anchor keyword looks spammy in the eyes of Google.

How To Create Anchor Text Variations to look natural?

Branded keywords and anchor text:

When you are building an external link, you should use your brand name with other keyword variations. You could call this branded hybrid anchor text.

“Buy Backlinks BacklinkPanda” looks more natural to google than “Buy Backlinks“.

LSI Keywords and Long Tail keywords

Finding the best keywords for link building helps you to get more visibility in search engines hence resulting in more organic traffic.
But ranking those keywords which are high competition(E.g: seo, backlinks) which gets more traffic can be difficult here the Long Tail Keywords and LSI keywords helps you. These are the keywords which has low, medium completion that means they are easy to rank and if you find them right they can bring you huge organic traffic (Eg: best seo packages, build high quality backlinks, link building strategies).

Finding LSI keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords are semantically related words, means related words to what the user searches. There is a simple online tool to find LSI keywords for your main keywords.


LSI Keyword Generator

Finding Long tail keywords

While long tail keywords are the combinations that normal users often use for queriying like searches begining with How to, Why, Top etc.
The best and simple way to find them is using google. Search “how to” “why” with your main keyword and you will find lots of them.


I will be writing a specific article on Boosting Organic Traffic through LSI and Long tail Keywords soon.

Nofollow Or Dofollow.

Normaly Dofollow links are counted by google as a voting for your site.Always try to get natural dofollow links from sites whenever possible. Unless you are creating manual backlinks.
Nofollow Or rel=”nofollow” is given to the links which tells search engines “Don’t follow links on this page” or “Don’t follow this specific link.”. This means that Google does not transfer any Authority or anchor text across these links.
A proper mix of dofollow and nofollow backlinks makes your site backlink natural for google.

Building Links.


1. Create 5 Web 2.0 Sites.

– Write a quality blog post in any 5 web 2.0 sites and then publish your content.
– Wait till the blog gets indexed by google.(usually within 24 hours). Or submit the url to google manually.
– Posting the link in Google+ and posting it as public helps in indexing your site faster.
– Once this get indexed add a backlink to your site with a targeted keyword”
Tip: Using a branded anchor text helps to keep the link natural. eg Buy Backlinks BacklinkPanda will look more natural than Buy Backlinks.


2. Create 5 Business Citations.

A business citation is a mentioning of the name, address, and email of your business online. It helps users as well as search engines to find your business and your products and services online. Add your business site to any of the 5 Business Citation Sites.These gets automatically submitted to google.

Manta: http://www.manta.com
Hotfrog: http://www.hotfrog.com
Brownbook : http://www.brownbook.net
MerchantCircle: http://www.merchantcircle.com
Superpages: http://www.superpages.com

3. Create 5 Article Submissions.

Write 5 articles related to your website and submit to any of the article submission sites with a targeted anchor link back to your site.Do not over optimize your anchor and stuff the keywords in article as there is a greater chance of article getting rejected.

HubPages: http://hubpages.com
Ehow: https://www.ehow.com
Articlecube: https://www.articlecube.com
Articlecity: https://www.articlecity.com
Article base: https://www.articlesbase.com

4. Submit Your Site to Website Review Sites.

There are lots of website review sites around there which can get you a link back just by signing up with them. The best thing about these sites is that they have high Domain Authority And Page Authority which helps you to rank better.
Some  of them are

5. Submit your site to Blog Aggregator Websites

Submitting your content to aggregators is one of best ways to promote your website. You will also get a high quality backlink from the site. Make sure that your content is unique and interesting to get better results in shot time span. Content is the king here the interesting the content is the better you will get noticed.

Some of the Aggregators include.


Click Here For List Of Most popular Content Aggregators

6. The Skyscraper Technique:

The Skyscraper Technique was introduced by Brian Dean of Backlinko. Its is short and simple.
– Find a good sharable content.
– Make the content even better.
– Publish the content.
– Reach out to people who links to the existing content and let them know there is a better content.
Tip : To make the content even better dig in the comment section for existing content not answered questions.Also update the non updated things to latest ones.

7.Moving Man Method.

This method looks like helping the site owners correct a broken link for them and for you it gets a high quality backlink.

– Find the sites which changed names, shut down basically which doesn’t exist.
– Find sites linking to the old page using ahref or semrush.
– Create a similar high quality content which can be linked.
– Let the website owner know about the broken link and give them your new link this helps you to get a quality backlink from a related website which counts.

8. Google +

Yes google+ gives you  high quality backlinks (dofollow).  Do you know what the DA(Domain Authority) of plus.google.com it is 100. So you are getting link from a highly trusted source.
To add go to your About Page in G+
Click on edit button next to sites add your link and your target keyword. Is that simple?

9. Aboutus.com

It is as simple as name suggests. Add some quality content related to your site and add a link back to your site.
– To add a site go to top search bar and put in your site name/brand name. If that does not exist you are good to create a new post. Don’t forget to link back to your site.This helps you to get a high quality backlink .

10. IMT Website Submitter

IMT Website Submitter – submits your website to 1,800+ places for FREE!

IMT Website Submitter submits your website/blog to 1,800+ different places. All these 1,800+ websites are manly “who is”, “about us”, “website statistic”, etc. this may not give you high quality backlinks but it notifies the search engines to crawl your website and helps to make your online presence strong. In some cases you will get a high DA backlink too.

You Have High Authority Backlinks . What Next?

Indexing Your Links.

Think like you have build lots of backlinks but google did not find them. Google has tons of pages to index and there is a greater change that it fails to index the page which link to you. If this happens there is no meaning in getting the backlinks. So Indexing is important as building backlinks.

Ways to index your backlinks.!

– Free Way – Just submit the link (which links to your site) to Google Search Console. this is the best way to get your links indexed.


– Submit your site to paid indexing sites for faster and bulk indexing.
lindexed.com are few of them.

Check Backlinks

There are many backlink analysis tools available in market to check the no of links your website has, authority of links, do follow or no follow and much more.
Open Site Explorer
This is a pro tool but you can use this to analyse 3 sites per day for free. This allows you to view the DA of your site, links to your site top pages of your site and much more.







Semrush is our favorite tools when it comes to backlinks. It has lots of features like organic search live keyword tracking and much more and hence we love using it. Also the interesting part is that you can analyse up to 10 sites per day for free.



So now you know how the backlinks works in 2018 and the strategy to build high authority backlinks.  Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section bellow. If you like the article do like and share.

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